Even though there is no magic solution for weight loss, being overweight is completely reversible. At Karkloof Safari Spa, our trained staff understand the importance of maintaining a correct weight, and are committed to helping guests reach their goals in this area. 
During your stay with us you will work closely with our relevant staff members to correct your lifestyle by increasing your activity to the right level, and altering your dietary patterns to include foods that help you lose weight. These changes will of course be tailored to your level of ability.
In addition to such changes in exercise and eating, you will also, during your stay with us, be able to benefit from our extensive facilities and the various activities and spa treatments we have on offer. The right treatments can aid in your weight-loss journey, while time spent relaxing and in nature can help to rejuvenate your spirit and refocus your mind.
Achieving your ideal weight will take longer than your stay with us but you will leave refreshed, motivated and with a clear idea of the road ahead. You can expect increased energy, better resistance to disease, and improvements in many symptoms of ill health. 
Included in the Weight Management Retreat package:
  • Individual health and wellness consultation with the Spa Director & Head Chef
  • Healthy meals, snacks and drinks throughout your stay
  • Daily fitness and leisure activities
  • Unlimited use of our world class hydrotherapy facilities (steam, sauna, roman bath, Kneipp therapy pools and Jacuzzi)
  • Unlimited spa treatments during your stay
An example of a Weight Management Retreat:
  • 5/7/14 nights of accommodation
  • 5/7/14-day weight management diet
  • Daily slimming treatments
  • Yoga body firming
  • Wildlife cycling sessions
  • Mountain & Karkloof Falls hikes
  • Nature speed walks
  • Rassoul sessions
  • Flotation sessions
  • Slimming Body Essential treatments
  • Lymphatic full body massages
  • Cellulite massages
  • Herbal Thai poultice massages
  • Karkloof Thai aroma massages
  • Stimulating herbal baths
  • Revitalising facials